SS Dix

As a member of Puget Sound’s “Mosquito Fleet”, the SS Dix spent two years ferrying passengers in the ever bustling waterways of the northwest. Then, on November 18, 1906, the SS Dix collided with the SS Jeanie. The Dix quickly sank to the bottom of Elliot Bay and took with it the lives of at least 39 of its purported 77 passengers. The wreck is still the worst maritime disaster in Puget Sound’s history.

Front page of The Seattle Daily Times the day after the sinking of the SS Dix (1906, November 19). Seattle Daily Times, p. 1.


The SS Dix is another collaboration effort between Rockfish Inc. and the Northwest Shipwreck Alliance. As with the SS Pacific, the Northwest Shipwreck Alliance has adopted the task of preserving history. However, unlike with the Pacific, this means deterring salvage efforts on the main wreck. The Dix remains a grave site and so we believe the best way to protect and honor it is to tell its story and leave the wreck where it lies.