SS Dix – The Future

The Future of the Dix

Our team founded the Northwest Shipwreck Alliance for moments like this. Our goal is always to tell the maritime history of the region while protecting what remains from its past. While sometimes that means supporting salvage, as with the SS Pacific, that is not always the best avenue. That rings true here, with the Dix.

With the Pacific, the location of the wreck makes it extremely unlikely that there are any human remains. That is not true with the Dix. We fully expect the bodies of many of the 39 passengers who passed to still be trapped inside. It was and still is their gravesite and we will be honoring that. This means there will be no salvage efforts on the main wreck by our team and we are actively exploring steps to prevent other groups from attempting such as well.

Our hope for the future is to keep the story of the Dix from fading into obscurity. We want future generations to know the significance of the “Mosquito Fleet” and to see that we did not get where we are today without some tragedies. We have engaged in dialogue with local historical societies about ways we can make this happen. The Dix is part of our history, and it always will be.

The SS Dix. Photo Origins Unknown