Get Involved

Why would you want to be on the Board of the Northwest Shipwreck Alliance?

Because we need you!

The Marine Industry helped build the Pacific Northwest – yet much of that heritage is still buried in the unpredictable and often deadly seas off the Washington coast, in Lake Washington, at the entrance of the Columbia River and wherever our efforts to settle led our forefathers and mothers by bodies of water.

With the most remarkable and telling history of the SS Pacific’s sinking in 1875 and its discovery last fall, it has re-energized a whole new generation of mariner lovers to finish the story of our sea-going pioneer past.

We belong to the Northwest Shipwreck Association – a motley crew of intergenerational scientists, historians, marine families, fishermen and shipyard commerce. We want to fill in the blanks of a gallant heritage and continue to unravel the long line of shipwrecks which hold secrets and stories which will mesmerize us forever.

What we seek in our Board of Directors:

A passionate interest, history, heritage, business, career, family, and or commitment to building a full story of how the maritime world has influenced who we are today;

An ability to help us draw interest from the public, the donors, the government, the fishermen and sea-based industries, and the next generation of believers in the power of our maritime culture.

What we need from you:

1) People who can give eight hours a month (maximum) for meetings, making connections with the public/specialists/young people, and helping people learn our most recent success in the discovery of the SS Pacific;

2) Help us build a list based on people who want to know about our maritime progress, specifically colleagues who are listeners and advocates for respecting our maritime heritage;

3) Find and solicit donors capable of helping develop our capacity to finish the recovery and share the story of the SS Pacific with a Maritime Museum that will include the treasures, histories, and views of life in the Pacific Northwest’s gold-mining era;

4) Continue beyond the SS Pacific project to other expeditions dedicated to locating many of the historic relics that remain under our regions waterways;

5) Encourage, educate, train and hire the next generation of young professionals to be a part of our maritime history moving forward, a task that includes outreach, teaching, and conversations with students ranging from middle school to college; 

6) Preserve and protect the projects we work on with the highest archaeological standards, environmental protection, and community involvement;

7) Create short term and long term exhibits that can move throughout the region with our members and leaders telling the stories associated with these shipwrecks and memorabilia; and

8) Work with other maritime group nonprofits, historical associations, local and state governments, Tribal communities, labor groups, and commercial marine businesses and other private companies to grow respect, historical archives, and further education on our rich sea-faring past.

If you think you are up for the challenge and can help us preserve our region’s maritime history, please email Thank you!